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Heel prick

The heel prick is a blood test that screens your baby for some rare but serious congenital disorders (metabolic diseases, diseases of the adrenal and thyroid glands, and hereditary anaemia). It is very important that these can be detected to minimize the effects on mental and physical development. If discovered early, these illnesses can be effectively managed through diet or medicine, but unfortunately not cured. You receive the results within five weeks of the test.

The test is done between the 4th and 7th days of the baby’s life. If you are at home, we will perform the test during our maternity visit. If you are still at the hospital, it will happen there. We will bring what we need to do perform the test. You will receive an information folder about the test during consultation. For more information you can also visit

Lactation consultation

Every other week (in the even-numbered weeks) we have a free lactation consultation at our main location on Friday morning from 9.30-11.00. This is intended for women who are pregnant or are already breastfeeding. You can come for any questions about breastfeeding, help with latching, and to weigh your baby. It is also an opportunity to exchange experiences with other mothers. For dates check here, You can make An appointment via our assistents.

Lactation consultant:
Jessie van Dijk-Budding
Mobile  06 - 40 23 09 17