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Up-to-date information about pregnancy and the Coronavirus? Read more

Information sessions

Through our thematic and information evenings and special consultations, you can learn more about the subjects that interest you.

Information evening: early pregnancy
15 maart
29 maart

Information evening: breastfeeding
13 February
13 March
17 April
15 May
12 June

Information evening: childbirth
6 February; physical
6 March; digital
3 April; physical
1 May; digital
5 June; physical
3 July; digital

Lactation consultation , with appointment
Free consultation from our lactation consultant Jessie
27 January
10 February
23 February
10 March
24 March
6 April
21 April
19 May
2 June
16 June
30 June

Theme evening: first aid for children
25 euros per person

Consultation hour dietician
Monthly on friday, on appointment 

Centering Pregnancy 19-21u location Noordeinde

15 February
14 March
12 April
26 April
10 May
23 May
13 June
28 June
12 July

Our team

Britt Lupgens
The pure release of emotion when a child is born remains a beautiful sight.
Sarah Kalt
The most beautiful part of our job is that we get to know so many people so intimately and sincerely.
Machteld het Lam
Listening, trying to give people close support, comfort, humour, and assurance that nothing is too crazy.
Marlize van der Giesen - van Veldhuizen
When you let someone hear the heartbeat for the first time, it’s always a unique and touching moment.
Menke Wijnmaalen - Veldhuijzen
It’s amazing to me to watch expecting parents growing in confidence, ready for parenthood.
Marieke van de Lagemaat
The best part of my job is the variety, from consultation to childbirth!
Aljenshka Howell
Waarnemend verloskundige
Rosemarie Kuijt
Rachèl Stoker
Waarnemend verloskundige
Véronique Cornelissen
Practice assistent
I want to make sure that mothers and partners always feel safe and welcome, both during happy and sad moments.
Anky Du Moulin
Practice assistent
As assistant, my goal is to make our clients immediately feel comfortable, with friendliness and humour.

Cooperation with specialists and hospitals

To assist you as well as possible and offer the most appropriate care, we work closely with, among others, gynaecologists, physiotherapists and dieticians. We have partnerships with Erasmus MC/Sophia Birth Centre, the Franciscus Vlietland Gasthuis (Gasthuis location) and IJsselland Hospital. See all our partnerships below.