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Up-to-date information about pregnancy and the Coronavirus? Read more

Child health clinic (Consultatiebureau)

As soon as you have registered the birth at the municipality, your child will also be registered with the child health clinic. In the first week after childbirth, you will receive a letter about a hearing test for the baby. The neighbourhood nurse will come to your home around 2 weeks after the birth. You will be phoned ahead of time to schedule this. During this visit, further appointments will be made for development checks and vaccinations. These checks usually happen monthly at the clinic with a doctor or nurse.

In between these, you can also always attend a walk-in session. Especially with breastfeeding this can be useful and give you some more confidence. You can also ask questions about care and education.

Lactation consultation

Every other week (in the even-numbered weeks) we have a free lactation consultation at our main location on Friday morning from 9.30-11.00. This is intended for women who are pregnant or are already breastfeeding. You can come for any questions about breastfeeding, help with latching, and to weigh your baby. It is also an opportunity to exchange experiences with other mothers. For dates check here, You can make An appointment via our assistents.

Lactation consultant:
Jessie van Dijk-Budding
Mobile  06 - 40 23 09 17