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Up-to-date information about pregnancy and the Coronavirus? Read more

Maternity care

A maternity nurse is essential after childbirth. For the first week after the birth, they will visit daily to check on you and your baby. Every woman in the Netherlands is entitled to maternity care, as long as you request it from your insurance early in your pregnancy. You are entitled to at least 24 hours of maternity care, to be divided across 8 days. The care is indicated according to the national indication protocol (LIP). You can choose with which maternity care organisation to register. Your midwife and your insurer can advise you on this.

The first week post-partum, known as ‘kraambed’ in the Netherlands, is part of the midwife’s responsibilities. If there are any problems with, for example, breastfeeding, the nurse will discuss it with us, and we will make a plan together with you. After 8 days we conclude our care, if all goes well (you may still call us whenever you need to). The maternity care will also end. The child health clinic will then take over general care (nutrition, weight and vaccinations). Your general practitioner will take care of you and your child in case of illness.

Lactation consultation

Every other week (in the even-numbered weeks) we have a free lactation consultation at our main location on Friday morning from 9.30-11.00. This is intended for women who are pregnant or are already breastfeeding. You can come for any questions about breastfeeding, help with latching, and to weigh your baby. It is also an opportunity to exchange experiences with other mothers. For dates check here, You can make An appointment via our assistents.

Lactation consultant:
Jessie van Dijk-Budding
Mobile  06 - 40 23 09 17