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Whether you are choosing to give birth at home or at the hospital, your bed at home needs to be at least 70cm off the ground. At this height we can properly assess you and assist you with the birth and with breastfeeding. We recommend raising the bed to this height from 37 weeks. Below is a list of requirements:

Home birth requirements

  • Plastic sheet to protect your mattress
  • Bed blocks to raise your bed – available on loan from Thuiszorg Rotterdam (you can also use crates)
  • Bedpan – available on loan from Thuiszorg Rotterdam
  • 2x bins or buckets with bin liners
  • Extra bin liners
  • A good lamp which is easily adjusted or moved
  • 2x metal jugs or hot water bottles, for warming cotton diapers and baby clothes
  • Digital thermometer
  • A maternity pack containing:
    • 10 incontinence/maternity mats (ca. 50x50 cm)
    • Navel clamp
    • Small bottle of 70% alcohol
    • Box of gauze compress 16/16
    • 10 gauze compresses 10x10 cm
    • Pack of maternity pads
    • Pack of sanitary pads
  • Make sure you room is well heated

Depending on your insurance, you will receive a maternity pack – inquire about this ahead of time. If you do not receive a pack, you will need to acquire this yourself. It is useful to have a packed bag ready in case you need to move to a hospital during the birth (see outpatient birth). It is important that your house is easily accessible (provide directions if necessary), with a clear house number and nameplate. From 37 weeks the birth can happen at home, so make sure that everything is ready from this point.

Outpatient birth requirements

  • Insurance documentation
  • Patient card from the hospital (if you have one)
  • Toiletries (also for your partner, if necessary)
  • Clothing (also for your partner, if necessary)
  • Clothing for the baby, including a romper, jumper, pants, socks, warm hat, jacket or blanket
  • Baby seat to transport the baby
  • Camera or a phone with a camera
  • Reading material or music to relax

With an outpatient birth it is also recommended to have a maternity pack (see home birth) at home.

Information sessions

Through our thematic and information evenings and special consultations, you can learn more about the subjects that interest you. For example, we offer Children's First Aid and information about breastfeeding.