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Up-to-date information about pregnancy and the Coronavirus? Read more

At home or at the hospital

Giving birth at home or at the hospital? It’s up to you. Research shows that giving birth at home is just as safe as at the hospital (as an outpatient). We have access to the same equipment during a home birth as at a hospital. Should there be any complications during a home birth, you will be referred to a gynaecologist at the hospital.

For an outpatient childbirth, you can choose from the following hospitals or the birth centre:

  • IJsselland Hospital
  • Franciscus Vlietland Gasthuis, Rotterdam
  • Geboortecentrum Sophia (at the Erasmus Medical Centre)

You can choose which of these you prefer. It is possible that your preferred location might not have capacity, in which case we will need to make use of another.

Information sessions

Through our thematic and information evenings and special consultations, you can learn more about the subjects that interest you. For example, we offer Children's First Aid and information about breastfeeding.