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Up-to-date information about pregnancy and the Coronavirus? Read more

Centering Pregnancy

As a parent-to-be, a lot is changing in your life. In this changing dynamic you might have many questions or experience a lot of uncertainty. Besides professional help, it can help to speak to others and learn from each other’s experiences.

This is what Centering Pregnancy is for: a programme where you and 8 to 12 other women combine medical checks with information around pregnancy, childbirth and your baby’s first days. The first appointment (consult) is done individually. Subsequent appointments up to 36 weeks are done in a group with other mothers who are in the same phase as you.

Each session is approximately 2 hours long, much longer than a regular appointment. This leaves more time for interaction and to discuss various different subjects. You also take an active in role your own healthcare, learning how to measure your own weight and blood pressure and keep your file up to date. The meetings take place at predetermined dates and times, scheduled up front until the end of your pregnancy and once after the birth. They are led by a midwife and another healthcare practitioner.

Healthy pregnancy

Feeling good has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself, which is why we offer support for a physically and mentally healthy course from the desire to have children up to and including pregnancy.