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Up-to-date information about pregnancy and the Coronavirus? Read more


Deciding to have a child can be a big step in your life. We also understand that you will want reliable information and advice. As midwives we can provide this. During a pre-conception consultation we discuss your personal situation, provide the information you need, and offer tips and advice. This will give you a clear sense of what you can do (and not do) to get pregnant as soon, and as healthily, as possible. The pre-conception consultation is for anyone who wants to have children.


Zwanger Fit

During your pregnancy it is still important to stay active (at least 30min of movement per day). The fitter you are, the better your body will deal with childbirth and the quicker you will recover afterwards. It is advisable to adapt your exercises during pregnancy and after childbirth, for example by doing more floor exercises.

In the Zwanger Fit programme, we offer women who are pregnant (from 16 weeks) or have recently given birth (from 6 weeks after labour) a customized exercise programme led by a pelvic physiotherapist. With a 10-punch card you can participate in individual theory lessons (e.g. pelvic changes, posture, breathing and recovery) or train in small groups.

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During pregnancy it is important to live as healthily as possible. Nutrition is an important part of this. Yet there are many myths and uncertainties around this. Do you want to know more about good nutrition before, during and after your pregnancy? Make an appointment with our dietician or attend the information session on healthy lifestyles. Give your baby the healthiest possible start!

Emotional wellbeing

Pregnancy and childbirth are drastic events. Aside from hormonal changes, it can also bring stress and uncertainty. So keep an eye on yourself. Let us know if something is concerning or upsetting you, mention it during your appointment or give us a call. Breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, a bath or a nice walk in nature could be a simple solution. If you are experiencing persistent stress, we can connect you with a counsellor or psychologist.