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Call instructions

Labour (from 37 weeks)
When you are going into labour, you can contact us at this number: 06 - 53 92 68 80. This number can also be used for any problems during the first week post-partum (‘kraambed’).

When to call
During the information evening, we will discuss at length how a normal birth would proceed. During consultation we discuss when you should phone us at the onset of labour. The instructions for calling us are agreed with you personally, as it varies from case to case. When in doubt, we will always be available!

It is best if you call us yourself, so that we get first-hand information. If somebody else is calling on your behalf, make sure they always use the name under which you are registered with us. Listed below are instructions for when to call us. These are valid from 37 weeks; if you are going into labour earlier, always call!

  • Contractions: call if you are having contractions every 3-5 minutes for 1 hour (a good dilation contraction lasts for 1 minute)
  • Amniotic fluid:
    • If you have clear or pinkish fluid during the day, you can call us
    • If you have clear fluid at night, without contractions, you can call us at 09:00 the next morning
    • If you have green, brown or yellowish fluid, you can call immediately (this means the baby has defecated in the fluid, and you will be referred to the gynaecologist)
  • Lots of bright red bleeding: call immediately (for a small amount of bloody mucus or the loss of the mucus plug you do not need to call; this is normal)
  • If you are worried or in doubt: always call us!

Information sessions

Through our thematic and information evenings and special consultations, you can learn more about the subjects that interest you. For example, we offer Children's First Aid and information about breastfeeding.