Up-to-date information about pregnancy and the Coronavirus? Read more

Dear client (and partner),

The number of Coronavirus infections in Rotterdam has unfortunately not decreased sufficiently in recent weeks. To safeguard your and our safety, we have taken measures based on national guidelines. Following a summary of our measures:

The curfew is set on staying indoors between 9PM and 04:30AM.
In exceptional cases (childbirth, when a consultation to the hospital is necessary) you're allowed to go outside, but you must be in possession of the document "Eigen verklaring avondklok". This also applies to any babysitter who has to come.
It can be useful to have a pregnancy statement. If you don't have it yet, you can ask for it during your prenatal appointment.

Prenatal appointments
Intake appointments performed by telephone.
Come to your appointment alone, if it is very important for you to come together, discuss by telephone whether this has been agreed. Video calling is possible.
A partner is welcome at the ultrasound appointments and the appointment in which we discuss your / your birth plan. We will tell you in advance.
Unfortunately, children are not welcome at the prenatal appointments.
We ask you to wear a mouth mask during the appointment.
Please call if you have any questions or concerns!
At the main location Health Centre Levinas, the rear exit can be used again when leaving the centre.

We provide courses 'early pregnancy', 'delivery' and 'breastfeeding' online, you can register via the assistant.

Currently cancelled due to the virus.

During the home visits and delivery, the midwife will wear a mouth mask.
Water births (in bath) are possible in Geboortecentrum Sophia, IJsselland Ziekenhuis and at home.
For the time being, it is only permitted for one person to come with you during the delivery (besides medical staff). Rules here change per moment and per hospital, ask for them at the time of your delivery.

Maternity period
During the maternity week we come by the day after delivery / after returning home and the day of the 'hielprik' (screening of the baby's blood). If a home visit is not necessary, further checks will take place by telephone.
The midwife will wear a mouth mask during the visits.


Advice remains: limit visits and keep to the 1.5m distance!
Call us if you (or a housemate) have complaints that match COVID-19 and have yourself tested as soon as possible.
Back from traveling from code Orange area? Please contact us by telephone to postpone your check if possible.

We are well aware of the fact that this can be difficult for you and hope for your understanding. Together we can manage!

Midwives and assistants of Verloskundigen Rotterdam Oost