Up-to-date information about pregnancy and the Coronavirus? Read more

Dear client (and partner),

To protect you and our safety, we have taken measures against the Corona Virus based on national advice. Below you will find an overview of our measures and advice:

Vaccination information

The professional associations in maternity care announced on April 22nd that pregnant women can also be safely vaccinated against COVID-19, the Corona virus. Previously, the advice was to only vaccinate vulnerable pregnant women with, for example, underlying serious conditions. This advice has been revised after extensive research in the United States. In the United States, 90,000 pregnant women have been vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna without significant side effects. That is why it is also advised in the Netherlands to have pregnant women vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna. Like other people between the ages of 18-60, you will receive an invitation from the GGD to be vaccinated. The Health Council also sees no objections to vaccination in breast-feeding women, because it is likely that the vaccines will not end up in breast milk. The working group consists of the Dutch Association for Obstetrics & Gynaecology (NVOG), the Royal Netherlands Organization of Obstetricians (KNOV), the Dutch Association for Pediatrics (NVK), the Dutch Association for Medical Microbiology (NVMM), the Dutch Patient Federation, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. (RIVM) and the Association for Hygiene & Infection Prevention in Healthcare (VHIG).

Vaccination Information

Do you have questions about vaccination? View the link to the information card above or ask us!

Consultation hours

We plan the follow-up checks physically, if you prefer a telephone check you can discuss this with your midwife. During office hours, the midwives wear a face mask. We ask everyone who visits the office hours to also wear a face mask.

Information evenings

These are offered online, you can register via the assistants. Dates are indicated on the website.


  • The midwife will wear a face mask during home visits and childbirth. (We do not expect this from women in labor)
    • One person is allowed during the delivery (in addition to obstetric care providers). The rules about this change regularly and sometimes differ per hospital, ask about it when you give birth. We use the guidelines of the relevant hospital.
      In case of complaints related to COVID-19 (also with housemates), we will make an adjusted policy at that time.

    Maternity time

    • All checks will take place physically, unless discussed otherwise.
    • The midwife will wear a face mask during home visits.
    • Advice remains: limit visits and keep the 1,5 m distance.

    If you have symptoms that match COVID-19 (including roommates), the following still applies: do not come, but contact us by phone. And get tested as soon as possible!

    Back from vacation from Code Orange-area? Please contact us as soon as possible to postpone your check if possible.
    We realize that this can be difficult for you and hope for your understanding!