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Contraception after childbirth
You are free to have sex again around 6 weeks after giving birth. Only if you want to, and if it feels good! If you do not want to get pregnant again it is a good idea to start using contraception at this point. Breastfeeding or recently having given birth does not work as a contraceptive. Note: the pill does not always work from day one.

Contraception while breastfeeding

In women who are breastfeeding, it is unclear when menstruation starts again. Ovulation usually occurs 2 weeks before the first menstruation, which means that you can get pregnant again before your first menstruation.

When you are breastfeeding, you cannot use all methods of contraception, as some methods will reduce your production of milk. The methods which you can use are:

  • Mini-pill (Cerazette)
  • IUD (intrauterine device – hormonal or copper)
  • Implant
  • Condoms
  • Injection

Contraception while bottle feeding
On average, women who make use of bottle feeding have their first menstruation 6 weeks after childbirth. Ovulation can occur two weeks before this, meaning that you can get pregnant again. Depending on your wishes and your health, you may want to use a form of contraception. We can help you with this, or you can ask your gynaecologist or general practitioner.

For more information about using contraception after childbirth, see: (Dutch)