Contact & Route


There are several ways to contact us.

Not urgent:

For non urgent questions and scheduling your appointments. Please call:

maandag 8.00-12.00 15.00-16.00
dinsdag 8.00-12.00 13.00-16.00
woensdag 8.00-12.00 13.00-16.00
donderdag 8.00-12.00 13.00-16.00
vrijdag 8.00-12.00 13.00-16.00


One of the practice assistants will handle your call, if needed she will ask one of the midwives to return your call. When you call to register please keep your BSN (Dutch social security number) close at hand.

For urgent questions, worries and/or labor and delivery

06-53926880 (midwife on call)

For urgent questions, worries and labor and delivery we can be reached at this number at all times.

When there is no answer on your first try, please always try a second time.

If for any reason you cannot get through you can always call the doctor service at 

010- 4206611

Consultations and Locations 

Our practice area consist of several neighborhoods; Centre city triangle (Centrum stadsdriehoek), Noordereiland, Kralingen, Crooswijk, de Esch, Prinsenland, het Lage Land, Oosterflank, Ommoord, Fascinatio and Kralingseveer.

To make things easy we have a weekly consultation on a few locations in our practice area. 

Be aware; in the surrounding of our mainlocation Gezondheidscentrum Levinas paid parking, including the parkingplace next to the enterance.


8 am-1pm Noordeinde 97f, Health centre Levinas

Every other week there is an evening consultation from 3 pm – 8pm at this location.


8 am – 4pm Noordeinde 97f, Health centre Levinas 



8 am – 4 pm Noordeinde 97f, Health centre Levinas

8 am – 12 am Briandplaats 15, Health centre Ommoord


1 pm – 4 pm Duikerstraat 9, Duiker Paramedici



8 am – 4 pm Noordeinde 97f, Health centre Levinas



8 am – 4 pm Noordeinde 97f, Health centre Levinas

8 am – 12 am Nancy Zeelenbergsingel 811, Health centre Fydok

1 pm – 4 pm Blaak 24 Cardiology Centre Blakeburg




Our main location can be found at the following address:

Midwifery practice Rotterdam East
Noordeinde 97f
3061 EM Rotterdam
Tel.: 010-4141351
Fax: 010-4141313

KVK 244600480000